RMK Merrill-Stevens Miami Shipyard Launches Hiring Campaign

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Miami shipyard RMK Merrill-Stevens is hiring 75 new employees over the next two months to staff its newly renovated North Yard and South Yard. The hiring campaign follows years full of updates after the Koç Group purchased the shipyard in 2013 while committing to restore the yard to its former glory. RMK Merrill-Stevens is known as the first shipyard in Florida and is now one of the most updated and capable shipyards in the region.
RMK Merrill-Stevens provides yacht service, maintenance, and refits to yachts and superyachts from around the world, from 30’ – 230’. The more than $30M invested in the shipyard has brought new facilities, capabilities, machinery, and more, including the largest shiplift in South Florida – a 2,700T Pearlson shiplift. “RMK allows me to tackle much larger and complicated jobs than I can do on my own,” says RMK Merrill-Stevens Project Manager Rick Hambley.

There are currently 75 open positions and 22 available job types. Available job types include Boatyard Laborer, Bookkeeper, Electronic Systems Sales Engineer, Janitor, Lead Carpenter, Lead Marine Electrician, Lead Marine Fiberglass Technician, Lead Marine Finish Painter, Lead Marine Mechanic, Marine Bottom Painter, Marine Carpenter, Marine Electrical Technician, Marine Electrician, Marine Fiberglass Technician, Marine Finish Painter, Marine Mechanic, Marine Welder/Fabricator, Purchaser Coordinator, Purchasing Department Manager, Senior Accountant, Ship Lift Operator, and Travel Lift Operator. Applicants will need to submit an application, resume, and cover letter, and pass a standard drug test to be considered.

Working in a shipyard requires the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, agility to work safely in and around boats and machinery, the ability to communicate effectively with fellow employees, and the ability to complete work independently. Due to the nature of the work and the challenges of working in a marine environment, there is a hiring shortage in the industry.

“Finding trained, experienced marine technicians has never been more difficult,” says RMK Merrill-Stevens CEO William Clewes. To address this shortage, RMK MS is launching their hiring campaign while working closely with the Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF). The MIASF joined forces with the Florida Department of Education and Atlantic Technical College to create the first registered Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship program.

The Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program was created to develop a “cadre of high-skill/high-wage shipyard service technicians that provides career advancement opportunities and to be a valuable resource for participating employers to help them meet their current and future employment needs.” The program, a two-year course that includes classroom instruction, on-the-job-training, and has no tuition fees, is the first program of its kind registered in Florida. Apprentices in the program learn vital industry-related skills, including shipyard safety, rigging, yacht painting, forklift operation, yacht carpentry, and more. RMK MS has received approval from the state of Florida for the apprenticeship program and is in the process of enrolling a current employee.
“My career began in an apprenticeship program, and we’re excited to work with the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program to help fill current and future needs, and support the marine industry,” says Clewes. “This program is an excellent way to connect needs in the industry with hardworking individuals looking for a long, beneficial career.”
RMK Merrill-Stevens is an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity. Salaried employees receive competitive compensation, healthcare benefits, company-led training, and will be eligible for growth opportunities. Interviews with prospective candidates have begun, and the company encourages interested candidates to apply immediately.

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