Understanding How The Freight Forwarding Process Works

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With the rise of global trade, businesses in Singapore frequently need to ship their products abroad to tap into new and emerging markets. Freight forwarding plays a key role in moving goods effectively and internationally. Learn more about freight forwarding services, as well as a brief overview of the process from start to end.

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What does a freight forwarder do?

A freight forwarding company such as Star Concord acts as an intermediary expert on behalf of the company seeking to make the shipment, coordinating the smooth handling and delivery of goods to their final destination cost effectively. Freight forwarding services are extensive, involving a host of logistics ranging from coordinating the loading and unloading of goods, arranging for shipping, handling paperwork and legal compliance, as well as inventory management and warehousing.

The most utilised modes of transport for international freight forwarding are via sea and air. Sea freight forwarding is the most widely used and economical option, allowing you to ship bulky and hazardous goods while having a reduced environmental impact for the volume of cargo moved. Air freight forwarding is by far the fastest way of moving cargo, making it the superior choice when time and speed is paramount, such as delivering small quantities of high-value or perishable goods.

Some advantages of using a freight forwarder include reduced hassle of handling extensive paperwork, timely pickup and delivery from your storage space to your target recipients, 24/7 real-time tracking of your goods, accurate and transparent documentation for proper filing, as well as coordinating third-party warehousing for goods, amongst others as Freight Forwarders offer one-stop logistics solutions . As experts in international freight forwarding, Star Concord handles the entire process, ensuring your goods are processed, loaded and unloaded, shipped and arrive at their destinations intact and in a swift and efficient manner.

What is the process of freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding services begin when businesses engage the help of freight forwarders, such as Star Concord, to ship their goods to international destinations. After agreeing on a quotation, the quantity of goods, as well as the timeframe and destination for the goods, freight forwarders will arrange for the collection of the goods from the shipper’s desired location to either a seaport or airport. Freight forwarders will also handle the necessary export customs clearance documents, such as the commercial invoice, packing list, export shipping bill, insurance certificates, and declaration of hazardous cargo, amongst others.

Upon satisfactory completion of customs documentation, international freight forwarders supervise the loading process onboard ships or cargo planes. Star Concord partners with experienced shipping crews, providing peace of mind to our customers through ensuring that goods are handled safely, particularly for fragile or hazardous goods. Freight forwarders also handle import customs clearance in advance, ensuring that all documents are in perfect order even before the cargo reaches its destination to streamline the overall delivery process and shipping timeline.

Upon reaching their port of destination, the goods are offloaded from the vessel, with freight forwarders handling outstanding documentation and carrier bills, while inspecting and ensuring the optimal condition of the goods. From there, freight forwarders organise vehicle transportation of your goods either to a distribution warehouse, or directly to their intended recipients, depending on whether consolidation services are required as part of comprehensive freight forwarding services. Star Concord also offers value-added services such as online package tracking, as well as door-to-door deliveries within 48h for time-critical cargo.

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